A child might still believe you can

It is too late now, Mr Obama
All the things you didnt say out
loud noises coming from US weapons
instead killing baby boys'
mother Theresa is no longer with us
Neither her compatriot

Why do we feel childish
when thinking a world leader
can speak
up in the sky there were bombs
killing another girl
and her father
forgive them, for they know not

Israel, who are you
killing yesterday a nurse going home from her 3 days' shift
at the hospital children's eyes are turning inwards
Eyes that should be glimmering
in the sunlight of Gaza there is hardly water
Benjamin let them feel hunger and thirst
for life there will be post trauma
Out of their broken pride what will emerge?

Barack, Benjamin is not your friend
you can feel it
Now ask for the forgiveness that
Benjamin did not
A child might still believe
that world leaders


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