A child might still believe you can

It is too late now, Mr Obama
All the things you didnt say out
loud noises coming from US weapons
instead killing baby boys'
mother Theresa is no longer with us
Neither her compatriot

Why do we feel childish
when thinking a world leader
can speak
up in the sky there were bombs
killing another girl
and her father
forgive them, for they know not

Israel, who are you
killing yesterday a nurse going home from her 3 days' shift
at the hospital children's eyes are turning inwards
Eyes that should be glimmering
in the sunlight of Gaza there is hardly water
Benjamin let them feel hunger and thirst
for life there will be post trauma
Out of their broken pride what will emerge?

Barack, Benjamin is not your friend
you can feel it
Now ask for the forgiveness that
Benjamin did not
A child might still believe
that world leaders

Ode to the Palestinian Child

Have you ever read about an accident where a child was involved and died, and it was almost impossible to get rid of that sad feeling afterwards?

“I believe the children are our future”

Children are not supposed to die. Neither are they supposed to go through trauma, and when we see TV reports of war and horror, most of us try to protect our children, provide them with some sort of filter. The news anchor usually tells us if the images to be shown are too harsh for just anyone to see.
TV images. Our children here in Norway, most of us try to protect them from the most horrifying images of suffering or dead children, on TV, in the papers, on the internet. When it is inevitable that they do see and hear things, we talk to them, explain to them that they are safe. There is even a news program especially for children that presents the news as it should be presented to a child. We do not want our children to lie awake at night, terrified, without being able to sleep. Children’s minds are vulnerable and children do not have the tools to cope with horror like we have as adults.

“Teach them well and let them lead the way
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier”

In Gaza these days, the children have been through hell, not because they were watching horrible things on TV, hell has been right there, where they should be safe, in their homes or even in UN schools. Whereas Israel knows children will be traumatized, that hundreds of children die, lose their siblings and parents, attacks have continued as if it did not matter. What does this tell these children about their human worth?

“Show them all the beauty they possess inside”

That is where my disbelief gets a hold of me. What Israel should be doing now is go through what happened when the first ten were killed in detail and ask for forgiveness. Ban Ki-moon said it: “Nothing is more shameful than attacking sleeping children.”

“Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be”

But Israel does not care about dead children; Israel is killing, according to Israeli discourse, to protect its own. Its own children are worth more. Palestinian children have that ethnic marker, the one that says it does not matter. Had they been Israeli children in the middle of Gaza this would not have been permitted. Netanyahu is showing the world his real face. While the world is watching, Palestinian children are continually slaughtered. Those who have the power to do something keep providing Israel with more bombs.




A little boy without parents
Carrying his six month old sister
No food, no water, no home

Israel has taken his all
His childhood gone,
Despair is left
And his little sister
Six months old

Barack is providing more bombs
Benjamin, ready to continue
His readiness
only to exist
with no concern for
this little boy
this little girl

Left with nothing
but trauma
And probably, in the future

Benjamin has said
the only way to negotiate with their kind is
beating them up.
Not once, but many times, until the pain is unbearable.