Prime Minister of Israel

I have been thinking of you. As I was just listening to music, I even changed this song’s meaning, it was suddenly about you.
No one
no one
no one
can get in the way of what I’m feeling for you

So what am I feeling for you? I feel disbelief. When I search for reasons to consciously take the risk of having hundreds of children killed, without there being anything good weighing up for the bad, I cannot find them. You have tried this before; killing children did not protect your children.


What am I feeling for you? Only you can get in the way of what I am feeling for you. I feel afraid. Afraid of a human being so cold that he does not hesitate in continuing attacks that so far have killed around 1000 civilians. Afraid of a human being who inflicts fear and hatred, who dehumanises others in order to legitimise his own immoral decisions. I am feeling that what I see resembles a machine that repeats itself over and over again without being touched by the most horrible details imaginable. I know you are not made of stone, where is that part of you which is not? I am not used to seeing and listening to people who do not blink when hearing about a whole family being bombed to pieces, a little boy losing all of his siblings, his despair so huge there is no way anyone can even get a glimpse of what he is feeling. The boy was a Palestinian, and was not worth a blink. Had you blinked, you could have saved the next one. Had you blinked, you would have said; enough now. We have to stop now.

Do you know, Mr. Prime Minister, that trauma like that will damage all these children for life? Those who did not die, those who did not get physically hurt, also heard and saw unspeakable things.
I hear you, I read your tweets about Hamas. Yes, Israelis too have felt and feel unsafe. The attacks on Israel have to stop. There must be peace.
Do you think you will achieve peace now? Israeli bombs have killed more children than it has militants. Israeli bombs have hit hospitals, a UN school, entire neighbourhoods, they have annihilated entire families. They killed four children playing on the beach. I will not tell you what NGOs like Amnesty International, Save the Children, Norwegian Church Aid, Unicef, Norwegian Refugee Council have uttered on your war on children; you know very well yourself that in Gaza no one is safe. Still, they are kept there, as in prison, with nowhere to go. Still, you order the bombs to fall.

No one
no one
no one
can get in the way of what I’m feeling for you

Please stop now. Please stop. Every second counts. One more second might result in one more dead child.
Have you lost your humanity, is there only stone?
The Palestinians love their children too.


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